ARES Membership Requirements

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Wisconsin ARES/RACES Membership Standards


Walworth County ARES/RACES follows Wisconsin ARES/RACES membership standards.

To remain in good standing with Walworth County ARES/RACES and meet the State minimum requirements, each of the following items must be met by all members.

  1. Participation in 12 home county ARES/RACES trainings or nets per year.

  2. Participation in one ARES/RACES activation (either Skywarn or other) per year.

  3. Attend one ARES/RACES meeting per year (might be the annual meeting).

  4. Send one NTS radiogram per year indicating the member is still interested in retaining membership.  This does not have to be on the air, it can be through e-mail or Winlink 2000, etc., but it must be in NTS format.

  5. Be a contributor to the team in the eyes of the EC (subjective, but important).

  6. Attend Skywarn training at least once every two years.

  7. Completion of IS-100 and IS-700 courses. 

    (If you do not have copies of your certificates, you can call (301) 447-1200 and you can request copies of your transcripts be mailed to you, or you can fill out a transcript request form and mail it in here.)